04 Feb

Kamagra will improve your sex live.

Kamagra in Singapore
Kamagra is one of the newer erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs that is beginning to impress locals ever since it recently became available in Australia. When asked about their results with Kamagra, many Australians have stated that it’s improved their sex lives almost immediately and at just a fraction of the cost of other ED medications. Kamagra is similar to Viagra in that it’s a generic version of the popular ED drug, but it’s also known for being the most inexpensive with excellent potency.

Some people prefer Kamagra over Viagra because of how cheap it is and also the fact that it comes in more options. One of those options is it’s jelly sachets, known as Kamagra Oral Jelly.

50mg and 100mg dosage

This specific type of Kamagra is in jelly form, as the name suggests, and is intended to act as a faster-acting and more enjoyable way to take ED medicine. It comes in 50mg and 100mg packets, which can be consumed before you’re ready to engage in sexual activity. 50mg is more than enough for most people.

These flavorful packets are perfect for scenarios where you don’t like having to swallow a pill or would like to mix it into a drink so it’s more enjoyable and easier to consume. Most people eat the jelly directly from the sachets themselves so they can enjoy the full flavor, but others prefer mixing it into a glass of water to create a tasty drink. Kamagra oral jelly already works significantly faster in the body than regular tablets, but by mixing it with water, effects can occur even more quickly as it digests and absorbs faster.


Kamagra oral jelly’s main ingredient is Sildenafil, which is the same main ingredient that Viagra contains. This ingredient is what helps a man both achieve and maintain strong erections again as long as he becomes sexually stimulated. It causes blood to more freely flow to the penile glands and can cause erections to last for hours.

Just keep in mind that with any erectile dysfunction drugs, you’ll always want to finish sex within 4 hours because any erection lasting longer than 4 hours can cause damage to the cells in your penis and is considered a medical emergency. This is extremely rare but just something to consider whenever you’re having prolonged sex with your partner.

Side effects of kamagra

Also, side effects are very rare with Kamagra and don’t differ from those you might experience when taking other ED medications, but some of the more commonly reported ones can include face flushing, headaches, and nose congestion. If you have any other side effects when taking any medicine, seek medical care immediately.

Please avoid alcohol

You should not drink alcohol when taking Kamagra oral jelly and should not use any other medications as well. Doing so can affect your blood pressure and be dangerous for your health. If you’re already taking medication and wondering if it’s OK to take with Kamagra oral jelly, speak to your doctor first. Those who take blood pressure medications are particularly at risk of having serious side effects when combining them with any erectile dysfunction drugs.

So if you’re living in Australia and have tried other ED medications and were disappointed, you should consider giving Kamagra oral jelly sachets a try. It just might surprise you with it’s effectiveness and the price alone already outcompetes all the other overpriced ED drugs available in Australia now.

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