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Buy Levitra in Singapore

Male sexual disorders such as Erectile Dysfunction affect millions of men worldwide including in Singapore. Fortunately, drugs are available for the treatment of such conditions thereby increasing sexual virility. Just like Viagra, Levitra is an approved medication used to for effective treatment of Erectile Dysfunction or impotence in men. Levitra acts faster with some clinical tests showing that majority of men achieved bulging erections within 15 minutes. Therefore, the medication acts faster to some extent compared to Viagra which takes approximately 20 minutes to take effect.

Buy Levitra in Singapore

Buy Levitra in Singapore

Levitra has its main active ingredient as Vardenafil while the active ingredient in Viagra is Sildenafil. Vardenafil and Sildenafil are classified as Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5). Levitra and Viagra therefore work in a similar way. These medications inhibit the PDE5 enzymes which are responsible for soft erections. The result is a continued dilation of blood vessels in the penis which boosts circulation of blood in the area. A man suffering from erectile dysfunction can therefore achieve and maintain a hard erection necessary for sexual intercourse.

Before taking Levitra, it is imperative to inform your doctor if you experience allergic reactions to particular medications. You should also tell your doctor if you have; deformation of the penis, stomach ulcers, sickle cell anemia, bleeding disorders, retinitis pigmentosa, leukemia or any of the liver diseases.

The recommended daily dose for Levitra is 10mg taken orally about one hour before the sexual activity. The drug takes about 15 minutes to react and its effects can last for up to ten hours. Patients who do not experience side effects or those who do not respond sufficiently to the 10mg can take a higher dose of 20mg. You should not exceed one pill in a day to avoid the risk of serious side effects.

Levitra should not be used alongside other medications containing nitrates and alpha-blockers which are used to treat hyperplasia and high blood pressure. Taking Levitra and alpha blockers is likely to lower blood pressure to an extent of causing fainting in men.

If you take Levitra as recommended, the side effects are normally mild hence you can tolerate them well. The common side effects are; dizziness, headache, diarrhea, flushing, temporary memory loss, nausea and nasal congestion. However, these side effects stop with continued use of the medication. Serious side effects are usually but you should stop the medication and consult your doctor if you experience; hypertension or hypotension, shortness of breath, uneven heartbeat, photosensitivity of the skin, allergic reactions like itching and rushes or an erection extending for more than four hours.

Levitra in Singapore is readily available for purchase with or without prescriptions in the many online pharmacies. You can choose to buy either generic Levitra or brand Levitra. Both form of the medication contain the main ingredient (Vardenafil) though you may pay less by choosing generic.

By visiting the internet and searching the key word “Levitra in Singapore” you will find many online pharmacies who have displayed tables showing packages and corresponding prices. You can select your pharmacist and place your order and expect quick delivery of the medication in concealed packages for your privacy. Several pharmacists also provide generous discounts and free delivery in case you buy the drugs in bulk. Payment is made simple by use of international accepted means such as; Mastercard, American Express, Visa and Jcb.

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